Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Berry Short Story About A Girl and Her Fox

Once upon a time in a far off land, there was girl named Poesy, Poe for short. She grew up on a farm that had many different animals. Out of all the animals, her favorite was Poppy the fox. Poppy came to the farm when Poe was just 4 years old. So ever since Poe was little, Poppy was part of the family. 
Every day they would both wake up, eat breakfast, and then go for a walk to pick strawberries in a nearby patch. This day, like every other, started with that routine. When they got to the strawberry patch though, things changed. Instead of Poppy carrying the basket of strawberries back to the farm, she was nowhere to be found. Poe looked down every row of berries and behind every nearby tree, but she was gone. She started screaming, "Poppy, Poppy, where are you!?" but there was no response. So Poesy did what any girl who lost her fox would do, she started searching. She went on every nearby trail she saw, hoping to find Poppy on one of them. She had no such luck. And not only couldn't she find her, but Poe noticed the sky was darkening and clouds were appearing. And with that, a big crack of lightning hit the earth with a downpour of rain to follow. Poesy quickly ran to the nearest place she could take cover in. She found a hollow little tree that she could stay in waiting for the storm to pass since there were no nearby stores or houses. Once the lightning stopped, even though it was still raining, Poe left the tree and continued looking.  She wasn't 5 steps out of the tree when a little hummingbird spotted her. This hummingbird was no ordinary bird, she was trying to communicate something to Poe.  She flew around in circles over her head and started pulling on her dress. Poe was confused as to what the bird was doing, but didn't question it if the bird knew where Poppy would be. So Poesy followed the bird down a stream and past a big willow tree through the woods. About 5 minutes later Poe heard a familiar sound. It was Poppy eating some strawberries off in the distance in a field. Poe saw her and ran as fast as she could wrapping her arms around Poppy never wanting to let go. To this day Poesy doesn't quite know why Poppy ran off to eat the strawberries, but it doesn't matter because after that they all lived happily ever after.